Do It Yourself interior wrapping with a set of films from HSS-Skins

Do It Yourself interior wrapping with a set of films from HSS-Skins

With the wrap film sets from HSS-Skins there is another method to wrap the interior. Unlike the other variants, here you do not have to remove the trims, nor do you have to cut the wrap vinyl itself. You just have to apply the films as in the package included video instructions step by step. The films are individually tailored to each model and also take into account certain equipment variants, such as a start-stop button or the Quattro symbol on Audi models.

Equipment needed

The only thing you need to apply the wrapping films is the matching wrap film set from HSS-Skins and a standard household hair dryer.

The following is included in the package:

  • Individually tailored wrap vinyls
  • Professional mounting squeegee
  • Cleaning utensils for the interior trim of your vehicle
  • Model-specific video instructions

Click here to get to the film set for the interior wrapping: Interior wrapping configurator – HSS-Skins


  • Cheap (between 49,99€ - 79,99€, dependening on selected vehicle)
  • All-inclusive package - you don't have to worry about different car wrapping films, wrapping equipment or installation, because everything is included in the package
  • Comparatively little time required
  • Guarantees very good end result, as replacement is supplied free of charge
  • No previous knowledge necessary
  • Human support for arising questions


  • Only limited color variants available (Carbon Fiber Black, Carbon Fiber White, Matrix Black, Brushed Aluminum, Gloss Black, Red, Blue)
  • Not available for every car


The costs for a interieur wrapping foil set depend very much on the selected vehicle, as well as the selected color variant. However, all models are at a minimum of 49.99€ and a maximum of 79.99€. Shipping costs are included here (within Germany). Thus, you get for the price really EVERYTHING that is needed for the assembly and there are no hidden costs. Even if something goes wrong during the installation of the films, you get a completely free replacement.


More detailed and car-specific video instructions are included in the foil set in each case. However, the procedure is always similar and can be taken from the following instructions.

1. Apply the tailored vinyl wrap to the trim as shown in the videoCar Interior in Carbon Fiber Black

2. Lay out and paint foils along the trimCar interior wrapping

3. Heat foil with the hair dryerWrapping car interior trims

4.  Push the foil into the cracks with the squeegeeCar trims in carbon fiber black

5. Finished!foiling/wrapping the car interior in carbon fiber

Video tutorial

For each foil set there is an individual video tutorial, so you can really follow step by step. You can find examples of this on our Youtube-Channel. Of course, depending on the model, there are also other parts in the set than the door trim, such as the center console or the infotainment area.

You can find more detailed instructions in the following video tutorial. Here a door trim of an Audi A5 8T Facelift (2011-2016) is getting wrapped.

Lukas Stark

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