Which car wrapping vinyls should I use for interior wrapping?

Which car wrapping vinyls should I use for interior wrapping?

Anyone who has ever dealt with the subject of wrapping will have noticed that there are numerous different vinyls with different qualities and properties. But don't worry, we will explain to you in simple terms which car vinyl wrap you should best use for car wrapping.


Different types of vinyl wraps

First of all, we have to distinguish between calendered and cast wrap foils. The calendered wrap vinyl variant is produced in a rolling process, while cast vinyl wraps are produced in a casting process. There are no differences in appearance, but there are differences in the way the vinyl behaves. Whether a vinyl is cast or calendered can usually be determined from the product description.


Calendered vinyl wrap

Calendered vinyl wraps have a so-called "memory effect". This means that this wrap vinyl attempts to restore its original shape after bonding. This can be particularly problematic in the case of interior wrapping, because when wrapping the center console or trim strips, the vinyl must adhere to curves and in small gaps over the long term. Due to the memory effect described above, the vinyl contracts again after foiling and thus detaches from the decorative strips.


Cast vinyl wrap

Cast vinyl wraps, on the other hand, are much more pliable and do not have this memory effect. Therefore, cast vinyl wraps are much more suitable for interior wrapping.


Rapid-Air Technology

For successful interior wrapping, the vinyl should not only be cast, but also have Rapid-Air technology. Rapid-Air, or air duct system sounds very complicated at first sight. However, it means nothing else that the vinyl has extremely small channels integrated, through which air can escape. This means that with so-called air channel vinyl wraps, the wrap film can be applied bubble-free even for a layman. Those who are more experienced in handling foils can also do without them. The films we use all have Rapid-Air technology, because it does not bring any disadvantages. In addition, most premium vinyl wraps such as 3M or Avery Dennison already have it integrated anyway.


Concrete recommendations

The vinyl wraps for the interior should be cast and have Rapid-Air technology. This is the easiest way to achieve the best result.


Carbon Black Matt: Oracal 975RA

Specifically, we recommend the Oracal 975RA textured vinyl wrap in Carbon Black. This vinyl wrap can be processed excellently and, in our opinion, performs best in terms of price-performance ratio. Therefore, we also use this for our interior wrapping in carbon black. It is important here that "RA" is included in the name of the film. Because this stands in this case for "Rapid-Air". The other structural wrap vinyls from Oracal do NOT have Rapid-Air integrated, which is why we do not recommend them.


Other structural vinyl wraps like Brushed Aluminum, Carbon (except Black), Matrix and others.

For this we recommend the vinyl wrap from 3M, more precisely the 3M 2080 series. These vinyl are cast, have Rapid-Air and can be processed very well. Unfortunately, these are a bit more expensive than the Oracal vinyls, but these have Rapid-Air integrated instead.


Normal colors in matt or gloss

If you want to wrap your interior in "normal" colors such as red gloss, black gloss or blue matt, we also recommend the vinyl wraps of the series "Oracal 970RA". Again, it is important that "RA" is included in the name, as this ensures that the films have Rapid-Air integrated and can therefore be applied bubble-free.


If you want to know more about interior wrapping, then stay tuned! We regularly publish new articles and explain step by step how you can get the cheapest and easiest way to your dream interior.

Lukas Stark

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  • Lukas Stark

    Hey Martin,
    thanks for your feedback. I will add the wrap vinyls i would choose for each type. For carbon black I would choose the Oracal 975RA. It is a really good quality and cheaper than 3M 2080. But the 3M 2080 is also really recommendable. Just make sure the Oracal 975 you buy really has Rapid Air. Because it exists with and without Rapid Air technology.

  • Martin

    Hello there!
    Thanks for the interesting post about the vinyls. Could you maybe also add some concrete recommendations for vinyls? Im personally interested in a wrap vinyl in carbon black, which one would you choose?

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